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Lancaster Spray Foam Insulation In Lancaster, PA. We have a long-standing track record of being the absolute best in the industry for all of your Spray Foam insulation and repair needs in and around Lancaster.

We are your trusted, professional insulation experts in Lancaster, PA. You can depend on us to make all of your insulation needs simple, effective, and long-lasting. We care about your home or building like we do our own families!

Welcome to Lancaster Spray Foam Insulation, We have been the leading professional Insulation experts serving residents and businesses for numerous years in the greater Lancaster area.

Even more than delivering the highest-quality work and safe products, our priorities are to aid you in any insulation products or services that will change your life for the better. Along with the value, longevity, and comfortability of your home, building, or office.

We are on a mission to help prevent issues in your home that are caused by insulation defects or wear. Lancaster Spray Foam Insulation is dedicated to saving you money, time, and hassle in the insulation process you desire to go through. We have a multitude of products that will work for any home, building, or area that needs insulation. We are your permanent solution to insulation needs. When you find yourself needing spray foam, we are your solution.

We don’t tend to give insulation much of a thought until we have an emergency or have a situation that forces insulation repair or removal. There is a multitude of things that come into play with insulation.

You can rest easy knowing that the experts at Lancaster Spray Foam Insulation in Lancaster, PA, know everything there is to know about insulation and proper removal procedures.

Did you know? Insulation that is failing, damaged, or ruined by pests can be extremely damaging to you and your family’s health.

There are some common signs to look for that will let you know you need to get in touch with us for insulation replacement.

  • The HVAC system is in overload

  • Draftiness in your home or building

  • Sickness

  • Signs of pests, sagging insulation, and even water leaks.

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We provide excellent spray foam insulation for home and commercial.

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Traditional insulation vs. polyurethane spray foam in Lancaster, PA:

Polyurethane spray foam insulation also commonly referred to as polyfoam, is the best insulation material available. It is long-lasting and perfect for repelling pests and moisture.  Spray foam is extremely durable, you do not need to worry about constant replacements in the future. Our closed-cell foam even is used to aid in structural integrity and is classified as a class 2 vapor retardant, so no airflow can get through it.

What exactly is spray foam?

Polyurethane is a “cellular plastic.” This plastic is created when you mix two different chemical solutions. This creates a quick-forming foam that is capable of fixing concrete, used as insulation, or in aid of structural integrity. Lancaster Spray Foam Insulation in Lancaster offers two forms of spray foam that come in either high or low pressure.

The process of creating the spray foam product isn’t complex. There are generally two separate containers that house chemical mixes. Once a trained technician mixes them, they quickly turn into an open-cell or closed-cell foam. The containers are labeled as “A,” or “B,” and in the USA they will always contain the same ingredients.

Container A contains – Contmethylene diphenyl diisocyanate with polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate.

Container B contains – Polyols, catalysts, flame retardant, and a unique surfactant blend, along with blowing agent(s).

Polyfoam should always be handled by a trained professional. You should NEVER consider a DIY spray foam insulation project. Doing so yourself could be hazardous to your health and the health of your family. The chemicals used to create the foam, before mixing and hardening, can be permanently damaging to the lungs if breathed in. Once the foam is set, there are absolutely no health concerns, but precautions need to be taken into consideration during the foam handling process. You can guarantee that we take the greatest precautionary measures when working with our spray foam insulation.

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Open Cell vs Closed Cell Foam:

We have a great foam option for everyone and every budget. Deciding on the right foam is not a difficult process and we are here to help you. Open and closed-cell foams vary in their abilities to insulate and vary in their strength/ flexibility.

Differences between the foam types:

The Cells or the bubbles created by the foam mixing together are the difference between an open-cell and closed-cell foam.

  • Closed-cell: provides a smaller, harder, and more tightly compacted “bubble,” or cell. This foam is great for adding structural strength to a house or building. Can withstand fluctuations in the environment or even extreme temperatures. More expensive option.

  • Open-cell: Soft and bendable foam, the cells are deliberately left open hence the name “open-cell.” Great for cost-conscious consumers who also need to insulate harder-to-reach areas due to the great flexibility of this foam.

Explaining and understanding the “R-value,”

“R-value,” is the foam’s resistance to heat flow or its ability to insulate. This is an important aspect to consider when choosing foam for your build or project.

  • Closed-cell has a value of- 6.0/in.

  • Open-cell has a value of- 3.0-3.5/in.

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