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Everyone who owns a home has to eventually go down into the crawl space. Generally, this is not a fun task. We can help with all of your spray foam crawl space insulation needs in Lancaster, PA. The crawl space may not seem extremely important, but in fact, it is one of the most important areas to make sure there are no leaks, drafts, or pests entering. This will improve the comfort and efficiency of your home or building.

We guarantee your satisfaction at Lancaster Spray Foam Insulation in Lancaster, PA. We serve the greater Lancaster area and you can trust our professional and well-trained team to get the job done.

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Benefits of crawl-space insulation in Lancaster

The benefits of having a routine maintenance schedule for your crawl space are endless. When you insulate your crawl space and keep it up to spec, you will increase the value of your home. You will aid in the efficiency of your house or building by stopping the transfer of heat through the crawl space area. This will keep your house warmer or cooler depending on your needs. When insulation is not properly done in the crawl space area this can lead to water damage, pest infestation, and ruined features of your home or building.

When your insulation is inefficient, you may even visually notice water damage or other mishaps. Although these situations happen in the crawl space, they can happen anywhere in your home where there is (or should be,) insulation. Spray foam is the best option for insulation due to its airtight and watertight abilities. It is also very long-lasting, so you won’t be worried about constant upkeep.

Spray foam insulation types

There are currently two types of spray foam for insulation purposes.

These options are Open-cell and closed-cell. In most cases, we recommend choosing closed-cell foam for crawl-space insulation in Lancaster, but every project is unique that we take on. For a guide on choosing the right foam type for your project give us a call today!

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Lancaster Spray Foam Insulation Crawl Space Services

  • Clean, disinfect, remove and replace insulation.

  • Insulate new builds or restorative projects.

  • Pest infestation clean-up and restoration.

  • Duct sealing.

Crawl Space Insulation Lancaster PA

Why choose Lancaster Spray Foam Insulation in Lancaster?

Your home or business is an investment in your life. Whether it is your living area or place of business we understand the time, passion, and dedication you have carefully invested through the years. We aim to provide our clients with the best service and products available on the market. You can be assured that we will take care of your insulation needs with professionalism and great attention to detail.

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